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What! EH!! Streaming Adult Videos!!! HELP What's that?

Streaming adult videos & movies is easy and just about the best way to watch great adult porn when YOU want to, but if you're anything like me, the idea of trying something new scares the S**T out of you, then hopefully the information on this page we help you understand about stream adult movies works.

Help what's streaming adult videos/movies?

The first thing you should know is this really is incredibly easy to use and whilst I build websites I'm no geek but within a few seconds I was streaming adult movies and now will never watch adult porn any other way.

Question : - What does streaming adult movies mean ?

Answer : - It means you are watching a movie that's being transmitted via another PC so in a way a bit like watching TV, nothing is downloaded and once you stop the adult movie streaming that's it.

Question :- Is VOD or Video on Demand the same as streaming?

Answer : - YES, video on demand is just the term used for both stream & downloads.

Question : - Do I need special equipment to stream adult movies?

Answer : - Nope all you need is Realplayer or Windows Media Player nothing else is needed and your PC should already have these so it's just a case of using which ever one you are happy with - me I prefer Windows Media.

Question : - How long does it take before the adult movies start to stream?

Answer : - Within a few seconds, as you are streaming the movie straight from the provider the movie will start almost straight away.

Question : - How expensive is it?

Answer : - Cheap!! LOL, OK sorry it works out to be cheaper than renting a vid from Blockbuster around £4.95 for 48 hours rental plus there are NO Membership fees so you only pay for what you stream - if you don't want to use it anymore you just stop!

Question : - What's shown on my credit card?

Answer : -

Question : - What's the quality like?

Answer : - Its very good but it does depends on your internet access speed and to give you some idea here a link for a FREE Streaming Sample as I always find the best way to see if you like something is to try it out and at least using this link its FREE.

Question : - How many films are there for streaming?

Answer : - Over 100,000 streaming porn movies are ready to be streamed and new adult movies are being added at the rate of 10,000 a month so that should keep any porn movie fan happy - BUT a big advantage with streaming adult movies is you'll NEVER see an "out of stock" sign, here the movies are always available.

Question : - Help, the bloody thing won't work, its taken my money but won't play?

Answer : - Firstly this doesn't happen often, in fact its never happened to me, BUT should something go wrong, which we all know every now and then it does, we offer 247 support using "Live Talk" so you can chat to someone online straight away.

Question :- I have more questions (ps I'm a geek) ;o)

Answer :- Click here and you'll get all the tecky type stuff answered :o)

So what are you waiting for? We have loads of streaming movies all waiting to be watched, so hit the banner and start streaming porn TODAY

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