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How do you use Video on Demand to download Adult Videos? Easy!

Downloading adult movies & using video on demand is easy, but you knew I was going to say that, but honestly its as easy as 1- open an account, 2- download the movie & 3- watch what you've downloaded!

I need more info on downloading adult videos/VOD movies

The first thing you'll need to consider when download porn movies is it's not going to happen quickly!! ANY adult film you want to download is going to take at least an hour, so if it's a fast fix you want try the streaming option.

Here's a few questions that people normally ask when considering download adult movies...

Question : - What is the difference between download adult movies and streaming?

Answer : - The difference between downloading and streaming an adult movie is that streaming gives you instant porn & allows you to watch a movie as it is sent from the host servers, where as downloading adult movies involves the film being downloaded onto your PC, hence you have to wait - BUT the big advantage is once it's downloaded you'll have the adult movie in DVD quality.

Question : - What equipment do I need to download adult videos?

Answer : - You'll need Windows Media Player that should already be installed on your PC, but if you're running something like windows 3.1 then you'll need to download it from the link I posted.

Question :- Is Video on Demand or VOD the same as download?

Answer : - YES, video on demand is just another term for downloading adult movies.

Question : - How expensive is it to download adult movies?

Answer : - Let's put it this way, it is cheaper than renting a video from blockbuster! It costs from £4.95 for 7 days, £9.95 for 30 days or to download & keep £12.95.

Question : - What's shown on my credit card?

Answer : -

Question : - How good is the video download?

Answer : - It's like putting a DVD into your PC! But don't take my word for it, why not try this free download sample then make your own mind up, it's completely free and you'll be able to download ANY adult movie you like.

Question : - What happens if I delete the adult movie I've just downloaded?

Answer :- Not a problem, well it is as you'll have to download the film again but its not a massive problem.

Question : - Can I watch the adult movie on other PCs I own?

Answer : - Yes, you can download the film onto your other computers, all you'll need is the access code to let the film run which you should already have.

Question : - What if the download won't work after I've downloaded it?

Answer : - Not a problem, we have 247 support using "Live Talk" so should you get stuck it is easy to chat with support, but it's something that doesn't happen often but at least you'll know support is always at hand.

Question :- I've still got questions about VOD adult downloads?

Answer :- Click here you'll get all the tecky type stuff answered.

With over 100,000 adult movies to download the hardest choice is working out which film you want to download first enjoy ;o)

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